Herbal Apprenticeships

Please follow the link below to learn more about our Herbal Apprenticeships on the Plant Medicine School website:


Please note that the courses are full for this October 2019 and we are now taking bookings for 2020

The course is a 24 month programme designed for those who wish to re-empower themselves to work with plant medicines for themselves, their community and their environment. It seeks to enable people to reclaim the old ways of healing and bring these into the 21st century as a valuable part of our health care. At the same time it seeks to weave together the art and science of herbalism as it has evolved to the present time and to incorporate the best of these approaches. As humankind starts to see the need to move into a more balanced relationship with the rest of nature and to stand up to the necessity of moving into more sustainable practices; the apprenticeship focuses on local indigenous and naturalised plants – those that grow around us – and how they can be used for medicine, food and other needs. Some more exotic species will also be included. We will also look at our own traditional systems of healing, whilst examining some energetic systems from other regions e.g. TCM, Ayurveda, and indigenous cultures. The programme aims to be holistic in it’s approach by incorporating all aspects of plant medicine – phytotherapy, botanical medicine, herbalism, aromatherapy, sacred plant medicine, flower essences. As well as learning about plant medicines other aspects of the anthropological value of our plants will be investigated – wild food, herbs in the diet, using plants for fibre, dyes, cosmetics, shelter, fuel and other applications. Such a focus is in line with developing a sustainable system of herbal medicine, encouraging the promotion of biodiversity and the protection of our ecosystem, whilst helping to bring us back into remembering our place in the web of nature and into a healthy relationship with the Earth. At the same time we will take a holistic view of medicine by incorporating lifestyle, hydration, relaxation and breathing techniques, the language we use and much more. As with any apprenticeship the emphasis will be on practical, experiential knowledge the student can apply in their own life. However, this will be backed up by the theoretical knowledge necessary to give an in depth understanding of plant medicine and to ensure safe and respectful application of plant medicines.