“In wildness is the preservation of the world”

Henry David Thoreau

We believe that sharing resources and linking up with other groups and people with a similar vision are some of the most effective and sustainable ways of deepening the work we seek to do; so we hope to list as many suppliers, valuable reading material, places to visit to feed your spirit and other organizations as possible that may help the processes of restoring Veritias Hibernica. As well as listing links that will to help build a network in Ireland, we also include some international links to help with the worldwide re-establishment of Gaia’s web. If you know of other organizations or resources that it would be valuable to add to this list, or if you would like your own details added please contact us to see if this is possible.



Trimilawn Farm is dedicated to the production of herbs. They are based on the Sligo/Leitrim border in the North West of Ireland and grow hundreds of varieties of culinary, medicinal and cosmetic herbs.They also specialise in producing traditional native Irish wildflowers as well as some international herbs used in Native American, Chinese and Ayurvedic medicines.

This conservation organization is dedicated to the preservation of Ireland’s special and disappearing varieties of fruit, grains and vegetables. They run a variety of courses and events, offer a newsletter and also offer seed and trees for sale.

“Our aim is to promote organic gardening and sustainable living through training, demonstration and the provision of information.” They also offer a comprehensive range of vegetable and herb seeds.

Promoting Conservation through Education
CELT is a community group and registered charity involved in:- Ecology, Nature conservation, Traditional skills, Environmental education, Training, Renewable energy, Wildlife, Sustainable Woodland management, Native trees, Willow-work, Lime/Hemp Plastering, Woodcarving, Sugan chair making, Woodland Wines & Beer Making, Leatherwork, Thatching, Blacksmith, Copper/Tinsmith, Coppice crafts, Native Tree Nursery and planting, Schools projects, Herbs, Canoe building, Yurt construction and more!

Crann was formed in 1986 with the aim of “Releafing Ireland”. Crann is Ireland’s leading voluntary tree organisation dedicated to the promotion and protection of our trees, hedgerows and woodlands. It is a membership-based, non profit registered charity uniting people with a love of trees. Probably Crann is now best known for its quarterly high quality Crann magazine and for the numerous school visits we provide.

We are a small college of about 60 students situated in the village of Dromcollogher, Co. Limerick, Ireland. We are dedicated to providing quality courses in organic growing and sustainability.

A centre for training in Practical Sustainability on about 30 acres near Castletown-Kenneigh, Enniskeane, in West Cork.

Carraig Dúlra is an organic small-holding run by Suzie and Mike Cahn. It is also a space where a variety of other educational and community initiatives take place. These include: teaching organic growing, gardening for bio-diversity, sustainable and traditional skills, permaculture, primitive living (or bush craft), nature courses for children and families, and creative healing workshops.

A Global Brand Promoting Responsible Forest Management
The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an independent, not-for-profit organisation based in Bonn, Germany, which was established to promote theresponsible management of the world’s forests. This is the website for the Irish National Initiative.

Peatland conservation
One of Ireland’s leading environmental campaigning groups, with information on bogs, press releases, fundraising, education and contacts.

Information on the Environment in Ireland.

The Irish Wildlife Trust has loads of information, ideas for projects to do with kids, workshops and events and sends out regular news letters.

pro silva (latin: ‘for the forests’)

Pro Silva Ireland recognises and values the unique history of Irish forestry and its past, current and potential contribution at local, regional and national levels. Members are convinced of the need in Ireland for a greater range of management skills amongst foresters and forest owners.

The organisation was founded in order to develop and promote Pro Silva Principles as an alternative to clear felling in Irish forestry.

Biodiversity Surveys allow users to mark sightings of wildlife on a map, be it a hedgehog, butterfly or wildflower. The My Sightings features on the web site allows you to keep track of your own sightings.

Photographic guide to lichens found in Ireland with reference to their habitats and conservation value.

Nature’s Calendar allows users to monitor the arrival of Spring (Spring Watch) and Autumn (Autumn Watch) each year in their own area. Check it out. The more sighting they get in the better the experience for everyone.

INFF-Sustainable forestry in action
The INFF was established in 2002 “To research, demonstrate, promote, and campaign for economically, socially and environmentally sustainable forestry in Ireland.”

Nature’s Web is an exciting newsletter for children, featuring interesting and informative news on nature and the environment.

This is an organisation which in their own words is ‘dedicated to restoring the relationship between people & their native woodlands.’


The Herbarium is the creation of a small, autonomous group of independent herbalists. We have come together in a spirit of cooperation, to share knowledge and resources, and to explore a different way of organising ourselves in this rapidly changing world.

We do not consent to the erosion, by regulation, of our common law freedoms and rights…Our focus in these times of transition is to rehearse our skills in preparation for energy descent, climate change, and the collapse of unsustainable bureaucracies and power structures.

The Herbarium is intended to form a repository of information…open to the public as well as our fellow herbalists…we share our knowledge with the people at large, so that they can claim it as their own, use it for themselves and keep it alive and relevant.

Sacred Earth is a private, grass-roots organization dedicated to exploring traditional plant knowledge & cosmologies. Ethnobotanists, Ecologists, Botanists, Conservationists, Eco-psychologists, Herbalists, Mythologists, Cosmologist, Philosophers and all other people of any age, race, and spiritual background who share a passion for nature and a concern for the well-being of Mother Earth are invited to participate in this forum of cross-cultural exchange.


United Plant Savers’ mission is to protect native medicinal plants of the United States and Canada and their native habitat while ensuring an abundant renewable supply of medicinal plants for generations to come.

An invaluable resource listing over 7000 plants that can be used for food medicine and much more besides.

NNFCC is the UK’s national centre for renewable fuels, materials and technologies.

  • We help to introduce renewable fuels and materials into the marketplace.
    We provide independent information and advice to agriculture, academia, Government, industry, the media and the public.
  • We work to build sustainable supply chains for products made from plants.

The Society for Economic Botany (SEB) was established in 1959 to foster and encourage scientific research, education, and related activities on the past, present, and future uses of plants, and the relationship between plants and people, and to make the results of such research available to the scientific community and the general public through meetings and publications.

BioOne is a global, not-for-profit collaboration bringing together scientific societies, publishers, and libraries to provide access to critical, peer-reviewed research in the biological, ecological, and environmental sciences.

The aim was simple: we believe that in most countries the factor most limiting progress is the lack of people in a position to conserve plants. Plant Talk is designed to help by supporting those who work in this field and by encouraging others to join them.

Plant Talk is a not a peer-reviewed scientific journal but a worldwide network and forum for the exchange of information, opinion and ideas among the large but scattered community of people concerned about plants and conservation worldwide, both professional and non-professional.

The Eden Project is more than a green theme park…

This website is an information resource for developing sustainable food systems, emphasizing training, research, and application of agroecological science to solving real world problems. We also conduct training courses and intensive workshops including the International Short Course in Agroecology and support activities linking agroecology and sustainability.

Plants cultures exploring plants and people – a fascinating site.

The website of Kew Gardens – if you cannot get there, explore the site! Following link is to their ethnomedica project page; www.kew.org/ethnomedica

The website of the World Wildlife Fund – lots of great info about conservation.

The website of the Botanic Gardens in Glasnevin. Worth going to visit the places as well as the website.


Extensive seed catalogue. Co. Mayo based company.

Environmentally friendly gardening, house and farm supplies.

Brown Envelope Seeds produces and distributes vegetable seeds in West Cork, Ireland. The seeds are certified organic by The Organic Trust Ltd.

A very large range of interesting seeds.

The first and only grower/producer of Native Irish Wildflowers.
When you buy native sourced Irish Species they flower at the same time as the wildlife that visits the plants, native flowers can survive your local climatic conditions. Your purchases supports 5 Jobs in Ireland and all our growers.

At Poyntzfield Herb Nursery we specialise in the cultivation of herb plants and seeds using organic and biodynamic principles.

Based in West Cork, Future Forests supplies a comprehensive range of native trees, shrubs, hedging etc. either by mail order or from their garden centre.

All sorts of interesting courses including: stone carving, stone building, felt making, basket weaving, glass blowing etc.



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If you would like to add a title or a web link please contact us…