Nature Whispering brings us deep into the powerful Earth Medicine we need to BE the evolutionary shift. Become authentically indigenous and learn how to communicate with Nature Beings, perceiving accurately what they are saying and share the Sacred Earth healing we have to offer each other.

A training series of two weekend intensive playshops that will take us on a journey deep into the heart of Nature. This program is about becoming indigenous through our natural self within and around us in a communicative manner, realising we can understand what our fellow beings are saying to us.


The workshops will be held in Magourney, Coachford, Cork and in Hollyfort, Gorey  Wexford.


Hollyfort: 6th/7th August and 3rd/4th September. Contact Alex for info and booking, 086 385 5333 or
Magourney: 20th/21st August and 18/19th September. Contact Nikki for info and booking, 087 340 2442 or

Suitable for herbalists, complementary therapists, gardeners, environmentalists, ecologists, artists, spiritual seekers, practitioners and just about anyone wanting to connect more deeply with Nature and Earth.

The way this healing occurs;

Setting up resonance between the human and the nature being creates the path for the sacred earth medicine to flow and the vibrational effects are manifold. Centring, grounding, stabilising, refreshing and resetting to the original energetic blueprint that nature intended. Bringing the intellectual head energy down into the Earth rooted centres enabling a feeling heart guided presence to develop. This is the authentic indigenous way, the natural way of being human. This society is damaging us and tricking us into not trusting our own innate being and senses, so we go further and deeper into real experiential communication, opening the way.

Many healers are wanting to connect more deeply with our indigenous plants, our native land and our local traditions which lie within our bones and the stories of this land. These workshops are designed to help us remember who were are, become indigenous to our place, to this land and so connect more fully with the plants, the soil, the land, the other beings and hear their stories, to help us step into healthy kinship with them and be in council with them again.

This work helps us to become healthier in ourselves and recover our sacred medicine; it helps us to connect to our plant and nature allies and to become better healers as we learn to listen to the stories that people bring to us. This will also enable healers to facilitate Nature contact within their own practices for deep therapeutic effects.

Cost €175.00 per person per weekend, including refreshments, a vegetarian lunch and full set of course notes.

Places are limited to around 16 participants in total and concessions may be available for unwaged people.

Facilitators: Nikki Darrell and Alex Duffy are co-facilitating all of the workshops together.

Please check out this link to Programs for more details on the workshop structure and the many benefits